Online Workshop

I've been offering pottery classes online through YouTube videos.

The lectures will be uploaded twice a month via YouTube membership. In these videos, I'll cover the fundamentals of ceramics, including clay wedging techniques, basic forming methods, as well as advanced techniques like Nerikomi and Neriage, along with other skills beneficial for ceramic enthusiasts.

The YouTube membership fee is US$4.99/month. Although the number of videos is still limited since the membership began in April 2024, as a member, you'll receive a code for a 20% discount once a month on purchases from this online store.

The videos feature Japanese audio with English subtitles, providing not only hands-on instruction but also valuable knowledge.

Here's a list of the released videos. If you're interested, please feel free to watch the free version first and consider joining. Memberships can be joined or canceled at any time.

Click HERE to visit Saori M Stoneware's YouTube channel. You can watch the process of making works avairable on online store in addition to the ceramic art lectures.

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How to Wedge Clay 

Explanation of how to wedge clay, which is a fundamental part of pottery techniques. Especially spiral wedging is explained in detail.

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How to Center Clay on Wheel

Detailed explanation of centering, which is fundamental in the technique of wheel throwing.