Saori M Stoneware is the official online store that handles the works of Saori Matsushita, a contemporary ceramic artist born in Japan.

She has built her own style without being confined by the traditional customs of Japan's male-centric society. Her works focusing on Nerikomi and Neriage, the colorful pottery are minimal yet playful, consistently bringing surprise and joy with fresh ideas.

Originally specializing in ceramic sculpture, she incorporates innovative designs that break away from the conventional "ceramic essence" framework in pottery. Her creations are sure to add aesthetic sensibility to your life.




2014 | Bachelor of Sculpture /Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan

2016 | Master of Arts, Sculpture Course in Fine Arts /Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan

2018 | Exhibition - Saori Matsushita Solo Show 2018 | Gallery Goto, Tokyo Japan

2019 | Exhibition - Saori Matsushita Solo Show 2019 | Gallery Goto, Tokyo Japan

2020 | Moved to Seattle, WA USA from Tokyo, Japan

2021 | Featured in Magazine - Vogue UK | July, August, September Issues

Upcoming Exhibition

2024 | Group Show at the Auburn Community Center Gallery | Auburn, WA USA